July 24

with: Little Lights and Ben Pu

July 26

w/ Jeremy C. Grant

July 27

with: Genetic Concepts, Fredriick the Great, Soul Brothers, & New Outlook

July 28

with: The Fold (Judas Priest & 80’s Metal)

July 30

w/ Sorry Sweetheart and The Swashbuckling Doctors

August 03

w/ Ben Pu Music, Devon Jaime Hildebrandt of Silver & Gold, Arianna Snow, and Jason LoCricchio

August 04

-I and I- Presents
Colorado’s Top Unsigned artists!
S.F.A, Seriana Alizé, Prettyboii Priincee, Waayve$, Anville Villamil, Steelo Bass, Authentik and The Prince Eli

August 05

W/ A Vintage Future, Flahoola, Endlight

August 06

“A Long and Happy Life” Summer Tour 2017 w/ Liz Longley

August 10

w/ The Burroughs

August 11

Radio 94.9’s ‘Summer Jam’ w/ Brent Cowles, The Bright Silence

August 12

with: Special Guests TBA