January 29

(Free Beer) w/ The Panoramic, Disguise The Silence, Wicked Thunder

January 30

w/ Kind Dub, Fresh Crew, Exstacy, DJ Dabble, SHAWDY BLACK & QUISE OF KINGS CAMP

January 31

w/ Luke Ashlocke & more!

January 31

(9PM) FREE SHOW & Live Album Recording

February 02

w/ Tyranny Enthroned, Skinned, Morbid Asphyxiation, Dinosorcerer

February 05

w/ Ivory Circle, Amzy, Bach Hotel

February 06

w/ Petals of Spain; The Dark Side of the Moon & Abbey Road Tribute

February 07

w/ The Fold

February 08

w/ Knee High Fox, Glass Delirium, Random Hero, The Darkest Gray

February 12

w/ Hypnotic Vibes, Silver & Gold, The Squid Kids

February 13

Greeley Blues FAC

February 14

V-Day Greeley Presents