December 21

w/ Random Hero, Harkener, They Call Me Hero, A Day in Dismay

December 26

Rap Battle and Freestyle Sessions w/ DJ Dabble, Type One1, Essence UGP, Mandible Lecture, and more!

December 27

w/ Draghoria, The Darkest Gray

December 31

Moxi New Years Eve

January 02

J. Luke, Bow and the Lyre, Megan T, Gii Astorga, Esai Sanchez, Anna Fiedler

January 09

w/ Special Guests TBA

January 10

10 Year Anniversary w/ Bodragaz

January 12

Snuff Legacy Tour w/ Special Guests

January 16

w/ Primary People

January 17
February 02

w/ Tyranny Enthroned, Skinned, Morbid Asphyxiation, Dinosorcerer

February 08

w/ Knee High Fox, Glass Delirium