July 28

w/ Brand 307

July 29

FREE SHOW // Brought to you by Wing Shack

July 30

w/ Jeremy C. Grant

August 04

Live in Concert – Night 1

August 05

Live In Concert – Night 2

August 06

The Farewell Show w/ Slow Caves, Quentin, They Call Me Hero, Implicit Whispers

August 07

Soul Brothers, Top Flite Empire, Devin Scheer, Miss Rice, D.P.R., Phonosapien, 2Can Ofish

August 09

w/ Racing on the Sun

August 13

w/ A Vintage Future, Saphyre Raine, When Darkness Falls

August 18

Random Hero, Ilia, Danger Scene, Sean Be

August 19

w/ Pins of Light, Pueblo Escobar

August 26

w/ DiViiNE, Fresh Crew, Type One1, Y-O, Roy Charles, MakeShift, NastyNiko