August 24

w/ Demrick, 1 Ton (of Potluck) and Inner Family Legacy, Anville, BadDogsBite

August 25

w/ Murkocet, Necropanther, Fist Fight, Fistmitts

August 26

w/ Ac The Promoter, Dank 1, El Mero Perro, Steelo Bass

September 01

w/ The Caveat, Underseer, Widdlywah

September 02

w/ Dj Machadellic

September 04

w/ DJ Michael Foxx and Special Guests: Drake Slansky, Mix Fox, Saint Tr3, Young Potion

September 07

w/ Clownvis Presley

September 08

Chroma: II – Album Release Party w/ Special Guests TBA

September 21

w/ Special Guest TBA

September 28

w/ Jenny O.

October 07

w/ NaPalm and YaSi

October 21

w/ Verbal Pimp and Voz 11