November 21

ZjC Productions & The Crew Presents
Clyde Carson + Skinny Pete
w/ Dawn Milo, Devin Tremell

November 24

Greeley Blues Jam Presents!
The Greeley Blues Friday Afternoon Club
Featuring: Delta Sonics Blues Band

November 25

Featuring Local Singer Songwriters: Pie Lombardi, Jae Melville, Ben Pu Music, “Gii” Astorga, Valienta, Paul Beveridge, Anna Fiedler, Bryan Cahill, Samantha Brewer and Ellington J. James

November 30

w/ Special Guests: Flawless, Kontagious, and Twistello

December 01

Radio 94.9 Presents: The 2017 Deck The Hall Ball
Featuring: Shatterproof
w/ Its Just Bugs。, VYNYL, Quentin, Bryce Merritt

December 02

w/ One Flew West, Wildermiss and Places Back Home

December 08

w/ special guests: Soul Solum and Guillermo “Gii” Astorga Music

December 15

w/ Special Guests TBA

December 16

w/ Casket Huffer, Tierkrieger, Unreasonable Human

December 28

w/ Special Guests: Slo Pain Reckordz, Izzy Dunfore

December 29

Featuring: 6 Million Dollar Band

December 30

w/ special guests