Venue Info

Moxi Theater
Upstairs // 802 9th St.
Greeley, CO 80631
Capacity: 425

Technical Details

Stage Dimension

Approximately 28′ wide, 14.5′ deep, and 2.5′ tall.

Stage Clearance from stage deck to lighting trusses (Ceiling): Approximately 14′

Front of House

Midas M32 FOH Console

28 XLR inputs to stage

House Mic Pack

(7) Shure sm58 Mics

(5) Shure sm57 Mics

(1) ShureBeta 52 Drum Mic

(6) Sennheiser e 604 Drum Mics

(4) Shure PGDMK4 Drum Mics

(4) Rode Condenser Mics

(3) Radial DI Boxes

*Assortment of Microphone stands, XLR cables, and adapters.


(4) EAW Bi-Amped Main Speakers

(8) EV ELX118 18″ Subwoofers

(2) Crest CA6

(2) Crest CA12

(2) Crest CA18

EAW Driverack


(4) Bi-Amped Madison 15″ Cabinets (Drivers: B&C DE250-8, B&C 15NDL88)

(4-7) Monitor mixes controlled at FOH

(2) QSC CA6 Amplifiers (monitor highs)

(2) QSC CX1102 (monitor lows)

(4) Mackie SRM450’s (for extra stage monitors)

*Monitor Mix from FOH.


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