The Great Salmon Famine

The Crew Presents

The Great Salmon Famine

Hypnotic Vibes, Ben Pu

Fri May 25

8:00 pm

$10.00 - $80.00

This event is all ages


The Great Salmon Famine
The Great Salmon Famine
The Great Salmon Famine is a five-piece fusion funk band based out of Fort Collins CO. GSF designs their high-energy repertoire to include something for everyone, with smooth transitions encompassing many different musical styles. We want you to dance!
Hypnotic Vibes
Hypnotic Vibes
est friends, Joey Solano, lead vocalist, guitarist and composer, joined by Mario Alvarado’s drum rhythms, merged in the sounds of trombone and horn line arrangements by Sterling Swanson, and rhythmic vibrations delivered by Alex Vilanova on trumpet, is a spellbound formula for Hypnotic Vibes. The four-piece pop band, all graduates at the University of Northern Colorado, are unified in music by their collective styles of alternative rock, ska, cali-style reggae, and instrumental funk sensations. Their reunion combined with their varied styles, matched by their musical medium, is the catalyst that prompted the group to assemble their own band.

In 2016, Hypnotic Vibes set out on a mission to achieve their goals of becoming recording artists. But turning those dreams into a reality would take work and sacrifice. They began their journey living pillow-to-post, city-to-city, to performing in 3,000 seat venues in front of
an audience of just six - to compromising relationships, education and career opportunities,
up until they became jobless, homeless and financially drained.

Driven by their dedication to music and passion to become a collective band, Hypnotic Vibes refused to become disillusioned by the tests of the industry. Unswerving in their commitment and support of each other’s dreams, they learned to triumph over their challenges. Serving as prime examples to the testimony of their own music, they knew that,
“there was nothing wrong with falling down, as long as you can look up. And, if you can look
up, then you can get up.” And they did!!

It took more than a year of persistence before they were able to implore the song writing genius of producer-engineer-mixer, Sylvia Massey [Aerosmith, Prince, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Bobby Brown, Seal, Metallica…], who opened her schedule to collaborate with the band on their music. Soon after, a meeting landed them in the very capable hands of CSP Music Group Founder and super-producer Christopher Starr [Christina Aguillera, Chris Brown, Mary J. Blige], who guided them through the process of releasing their songs.

Now Hynotic Vibes are prepared for the digital release of three debut singles, “Sundancer,” “Count to 10” and Tonight We Ride,” which is available on Atlanta-based Mason J Records.

The themed tracks are varied story-telling mantras chronicled by life experiences, since the band’s conception. A composition of songs are wrapped around positive messages drawn from negative situations, blended with instrumental rhythms intended to uplift, encourage and motivate others to pursue their life ambitions.

Inspired by their struggles, “Sundancer,” talks about good times, in spite of what you may be facing. The song reminds you that you can always call on friends to hold each other up, but to always remember to dance.

All of your pain, no don't you worry about it.
All of your bills, no don't you worry about it.
All of the hate, no don't you worry about it.
We're filled with love
And we want to have a good time (good time)
We're filling it with good vibes (good vibes)
We want to have a good time (good time)And we're dancing to the sunrise…

“Count to 10” is a song that talks about combatting pain – whether that emotion is ignited in your personal relationships, even by a physical or mental issue, but it’s a feeling that never goes away. And learning to take time to stand back, study your circumstance, and then counting to 10 can serve as a means to help you face your world.

Left in the darkness alone
My legs they struggle to hold the body that was once mine
My world’s screaming outside
So I count to ten…

“Tonight We Ride,” is about making decisions that will encourage you on a journey to follow your dreams, contrary to obstacles that might be in the way of accomplishing your goals.

Cuz if you wanna fly you gotta dream it
Visualize yourself at the top to believe it
If you got an idol you can be it
If you got a motion for the ocean you just gotta follow through it
So Gryffindors yeah tonight we ride …

The band describes their sound in comparison to California’s reggae music bands Iration, Rebelution and indie pop group, Saint Motel. Similar to their idols, Hypnotic Vibes hopes to stimulate others who identify with their struggles and triumphs, by using the delivery of the
lyrics in their music to convey positive messages of influence.

Although Alex, Sterling, and Mario were classically trained in music, they didn't have the same career paths. Alex set her sights on becoming a teacher, Sterling wanted to be a freelance musician, and Mario wanted to be a film score composer. While Joey was determined to be a helicopter pilot in the Air Force before deciding to pursue music.

Recognizing their appeal to reach people through sound and lyrics, they each discovered their collective path they elected to follow would be to chase their dream to making music their life endeavor.

Understandably, listening to the meanings expressed in the content on their songs, it’s obvious that there’s no mistake about Hypnotic Vibes choices in being inspired by several of the most influential musicians behind conscious music. Today, Hypnotic Vibes stand to rank among their prodigies that share a common denominator in their love for messages, transformed through their music.

In 2017, Joey, Mario, Sterling and Alex are prepared to share that same passion and devotion with the world.
Ben Pu
Ben Pu
Ben Pu is a Greeley based singer-songwriter, lead in Ben Pu & Crew
Venue Information:
Moxi Theater
802 9th st
Greeley, CO, 80631